The Kingdom


Saudi Arabia and the challenge of the 21st Century


The Kingdom brings together a fascinating selection of writing on contemporary Saudi Arabia by a diverse group of authors, and includes contributions by such established figures as Madawi Al-Rasheed, Khalid Al-Dakhil, Badriyyah Al-Bishr, Saad Sowayan and Mona Eltahawy. The chapters range widely in their subject matter, from reformism under King Abdullah to Saudi Arabia’s role as a regional power broker, thereby revealing the great breadth of issues preoccupying Saudis and others as they seek to build a modern society without compromising their powerful attachment to the religious, cultural and historical traditions which are the bedrock of Saudi society. The book is divided into four sections, dealing respectively with Saudi domestic political issues, the Kingdom’s role in regional affairs, studies of Saudi society, and cultural and religious life in the Kingdom.


C. Hurst & Co (6 Oct 2009)
ISBN-10: 1850658978
ISBN-13: 978-1850658979

Commentary on The Kingdom

The Kingdom is unlike any other book on Saudi Arabia. A collection of fascinating essays by distinguished academics and newspapermen takes the reader on a journey through identity, society, and the politics of one of the world’s powerful surviving traditional monarchies. Wonderfully unconventional in places, the essays move the debate on Saudi Arabia away from the dry, laborious, and often impersonal political economy studies of recent years, allowing for a new understanding of this enigmatic state through a multi-faceted lens of literature, poetry, political theory, and very high quality journalism.”
Dr Christopher Davidson, University of Durham, UK


“Although the contributors do not represent the entire spectrum of thinkers, the editors’ selection of Saudi opinion surpasses all other such compilations on the subject. The Kingdom presents readers with the condensed writings of credible analysts, while the introduction is concise, comprehensive and strikes a fine balance between intricate detail and broader ideas. Despite being compiled by outsiders, Huband and Craze’s book comes as close as can be to an insider’s perspective on Saudi Arabia.”
Dr Saad Al-Fagih, London