Skinny White Kids: A memoir

Haunted by the legacies of war, disloyalty and loss, a family seeks to build a new life in a new town, in the England of the 1970s. A desperate need to belong is forever plagued by feeling out of place, while the search for friendship in a town marked by loneliness, drugs and tension, exposes the fragility of childhood during a time of social conflict and cultural change.

Deeply attached to the Yorkshire moors from which he had been torn as a child, writer, poet and award-winning foreign correspondent Mark Huband, traces his teenage years as a boy driven to take risks in the hope of creating the bonds he craves. Lured from the safety of his comfortable home by a gang of kids who spend their lives on the streets, he discovers a new world – and a way of life which then collapses into anguish and guilt.

Forty years later he has the chance to piece together the fragments of that childhood, when an old friendship is rediscovered – an experience which brings completeness, but ends in tragedy.Poignant, unsettling and searingly honest, Skinny White Kids is a beautifully-crafted memoir, rooted both in the England of its time, and the deeper journey of a boy who would later become a war correspondent recognised for his courage, integrity and powerful reportage.

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