Seven states added to asylum ‘safe’ list




By Mark Huband

Financial Times, 18 June 2003

The number of countries considered “safe”, and from which rejected asylum applicants will have no right of appeal, has been raised by the government to 24. Seven more countries were added to the list yesterday, the Home Office said. Beverley Hughes, a Home Office minister, said the move was part of a drive to stop the widespread abuse of the asylum system.

The countries were Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. The “safe” list announced last November was issued partly in response to opposition criticism of the government’s policies on asylum seekers.

However, the list has been condemned by human rights campaigners. Amnesty International, which is due to issue a statement on the “safe” list today, said yesterday that 46 people were reported to have died from police and army torture in Bangladesh in 2002.


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