Somalia in crisis

Devastated by warlordism and the famine which it brought on, Somalia was an early victim of the state disintegration which has been a feature of the post-Cold War world. Mark Huband spent months in Somalia at the height of the famine and war; long before the country was flooded with the ‘humanitarian intervention’ by US Marines, he reported the stories of the victims, the warlords, the aid community and the United Nations. Rarely absent from the country during these periods in its history, his reporting provides a vivid insight into what took place in a country which to this day remains wracked by violence and hunger.

Uneasy landfall for US Marines - December 5, 1992
UN chief under pressure to reappoint famine envoy - October 30, 1992
Somali town waits to die as warlords feud - October 29, 1992
New outbreak of fighting hampers Somali aid effort - October 16, 1992
Islamists come to fore in Somalia - September 26, 1992
Only the fittest are fed as Somali relief flights deliver too little too late - September 18, 1992
Key Somali faction welcomes UN troops - September 15, 1992
UN troops move into Mogadishu - September 14, 1992
Italian firm denies Somali waste deal - September 11, 1992
Relief workers in Somalia reject more UN troops - September 10, 1992
UN troops will face Somali bandit threat to food aid - September 9, 1992
Somali town lies down to die as famine proves the great leveller - September 7, 1992
Outlaw country - September 5, 1992
Why Africa is in agony - August 31, 1992
UN observers wounded in Somalia - August 29, 1992
US food airlift to Somalia begins despite concerns over security - August 28, 1992
Somalia’s vanquished and outsiders flee to city of hungry - August 22, 1992
Mogadishu ‘secure for emergency aid’ - August 13, 1992
Somalia to let UN guard aid convoys - August 12, 1992
UN set to send troops to guard Somali aid convoys - August 11, 1992
“I left my home because nobody was helping us” - August 10, 1992
UN team arrives to force open Somali aid corridors - August 7, 1992
The disintegration of Somalia -
Death beyond understanding - August 6, 1992
Relief teams criticise UN plan to halt Somali food aid - August 5, 1992
Hunger flows from the barrels of Somali guns - August 3, 1992
Population dying like flies, UN officials warn - July 30, 1992