The Arab World

So much the epicentre of many of the most vital global issues, the Arab world – along with its neighbours, Iran and Turkey – has for decades seen the ripples of its social, religious and political trends spread way beyond its homeland. But within the borders of this region – dominated as it is by as much cultural, religious and social variety as homogeneity – are communities whose lives and livelihoods bear little relation to the global issues by which its peoples are known. Many years spent living and working in the Arab world has provided Mark Huband with the opportunity to learn from its peoples as to how they see themselves, where it is that history and tradition can meet modernity and aspiration, and what next steps are likely as once-stagnant political life takes on a new shape in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Fixed networks are ripe for expansion - October 8, 1999
New premier to revitalise Egypt’s government -
Mubarak secures fourth term as Egypt’s president - September 28, 1999
Algerians have no illusions about referendum - September 18, 1999
Algerians set to endorse amnesty law - September 16, 1999
Bouteflika sacks officials in corruption drive - August 24, 1999
Top Egypt academics repudiate draft law - May 25, 1999
A political tightrope - May 11, 1999
Political forces fight for a voice -
Travel ban on police officer - May 3, 1999
Egyptian militants drop ‘failed’ armed campaign - April 28, 1999
1,000 Islamic militants freed after ceasefire - April 27, 1999
Militants get death sentence - April 19, 1999
Egypt’s human rights group leader arrested - December 3, 1998
Hopes of preserving religious harmony go wrong - November 4, 1998
Egypt invests in some pyramid selling - October 31, 1998
Egypt turns its face to the south in an effort to exploit region’s growth potential - August 19, 1998
Book of confusion: Alexandria’s new library - August 1, 1998
Security forces take most of blame for militants’ massacre of tourists at Luxor - July 1, 1998
Egypt sprays rice crops with poison - June 3, 1998
Cairo fuels fears of media clampdown -
POLITICS OF THE NILE: Thicker than blood - May 12, 1998
Egypt cracks down on press - April 2, 1998
Cellular services set tone - March 26, 1998
Egypt a step nearer to taming the Nile - February 20, 1998
Dimmed by the glory of the past - January 17, 1998
Egypt accuses UK on exiled militants - December 1, 1997
Egyptians wooed to save tourism -
Egypt ousts top officials - November 21, 1997
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