The Arab World

So much the epicentre of many of the most vital global issues, the Arab world – along with its neighbours, Iran and Turkey – has for decades seen the ripples of its social, religious and political trends spread way beyond its homeland. But within the borders of this region – dominated as it is by as much cultural, religious and social variety as homogeneity – are communities whose lives and livelihoods bear little relation to the global issues by which its peoples are known. Many years spent living and working in the Arab world has provided Mark Huband with the opportunity to learn from its peoples as to how they see themselves, where it is that history and tradition can meet modernity and aspiration, and what next steps are likely as once-stagnant political life takes on a new shape in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Hunt goes on for Saddam’s top scientists, says US - April 17, 2003
WAR IN IRAQ: US military officials question Saadi - April 14, 2003
WAR IN IRAQ: US engineers draw another blank over suspected weapons site - April 12, 2003
WAR IN IRAQ: Bin Laden breaks silence with suicide attack call - April 9, 2003
Weapons experts examine suspected chemical caches - April 8, 2003
WAR IN IRAQ: US military forces don protective gear as they cross Saddam’s thin ‘red line’ - April 3, 2003
No sign of ‘trigger’ for Iraqi arsenal - March 26, 2003
WAR IN IRAQ: Search at Najaf yields no sign of chemical weapons - March 25, 2003
Focus on key operative who visited Baghdad - February 6, 2003
Egyptian trial exposes web of graft - June 26, 2000
Campaigners say 22,000 disappeared in Algeria - June 17, 2000
Algerian peace efforts turn to the economy - June 15, 2000
Morocco to open monopoly by selling telecoms stake - June 1, 2000
Poor learn hard lessons - May 10, 2000
Banks race to follow where new arrival leads -
State seeks to turn the corner -
Poor learn hard lessons - May 9, 2000
Battlefield of censorship -
Merchants tread fine line on officialdom -
Cairo strategy worries banks - April 24, 2000
Government feels the heat of sectarian violence in Egypt - February 8, 2000
Egypt divorce made easier - January 28, 2000
Algiers to step up attacks on militants - January 14, 2000
Islamic guerrillas disband - January 6, 2000
Algerian reshuffle aims to quell crisis - December 29, 1999
Bidders’ new ring of confidence - December 20, 1999
Ambitious plans to boost cereal crops -
A dramatic shift in growth levels -
GUIDE TO THE NEW MILLENIUM: All in a world of its own - December 6, 1999
Empowering women - November 24, 1999
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