The Arab World

So much the epicentre of many of the most vital global issues, the Arab world – along with its neighbours, Iran and Turkey – has for decades seen the ripples of its social, religious and political trends spread way beyond its homeland. But within the borders of this region – dominated as it is by as much cultural, religious and social variety as homogeneity – are communities whose lives and livelihoods bear little relation to the global issues by which its peoples are known. Many years spent living and working in the Arab world has provided Mark Huband with the opportunity to learn from its peoples as to how they see themselves, where it is that history and tradition can meet modernity and aspiration, and what next steps are likely as once-stagnant political life takes on a new shape in the wake of the Arab Spring.

ArmorGroup profits from work in Iraq - March 18, 2005
Treasury froze assets ‘to aid Saudi Arabia’ - December 29, 2004
Al-Qaeda renews threat to hit Saudi oil - December 20, 2004
Jeddah attackers ‘broke in through entrance for mail’ - December 7, 2004
Saddam’s soldiers reinforce insurgent ranks - October 28, 2004
Iraqi insurgents’ al-Qaeda ploy ‘aimed at US vote’ - October 19, 2004
Attacks bore marks of al-Qaeda - October 9, 2004
Rumsfeld softens claims of al-Qaeda link to Iraq - October 5, 2004
Iraq arms claim ‘not supported’ - July 8, 2004
Evidence of Niger uranium trade ‘years before war’ - June 28, 2004
Intelligence backs claims Iraq had talks on uranium -
IAEA tackles Iran on nuclear imports - June 15, 2004
Report casts doubt on Iran’s nuclear claims - June 2, 2004
Egypt jails three British Muslims - March 26, 2004
Libya to co-operate on terror links to al-Qaeda - March 25, 2004
Nuclear watchdog agrees role in Libya - January 19, 2004
Gulf states reject talks with Governing Council, says Riyadh - December 24, 2003
LIBYA: Secret talks ‘focused on nuclear expertise’ - December 22, 2003
Sanctions helped curb Libyan ambitions - December 20, 2003
Jews of Turkey see 500 years of peace shattered - December 2, 2003
Turkey tastes bitter fruit of Kurdish conflict - November 27, 2003
Baghdad prison gives up its secrets - May 23, 2003
Terror alert closes western missions - May 21, 2003
Helpful Iraqis now the key in WMD search - May 20, 2003
Al-Qaeda may focus future attacks on the Gulf area, insiders warn - May 15, 2003
Bin Laden may have directed attacks in Saudi capital - May 14, 2003
Powell blames al-Qaeda for Riyadh bombings - May 13, 2003
‘Dr Germ’ in custody in Iraq -
Finding Iraq arms evidence ‘rests on taking full control’ - April 23, 2003
UN may get Iraq inspections role - April 22, 2003