The Liberian civil war

Beginning on Christmas Eve 1989 with an apparently low-key incursion into the country’s northern forest, the Liberian civil war came to be characterised by a scale of brutality, trauma and desperation which served to strongly influence worldwide impressions of the wider African continent. A country which had barely figured as a political or military player, was suddenly the urgent worry of an entire region. Mark Huband’s comprehensive coverage of the early years of the war is unique. Driven by a determination not to let the war in Liberia fall off the global news agenda, his insights into the regional political implications, and accounts of the ground-level horrors experienced by ordinary Liberians as they lived in fear of death squads and faction leaders, are a lasting testimony to the value of frontline journalism.

Johnson rebels agree ceasefire - August 21, 1990
Rebels’ final bid to oust Doe - August 11, 1990
Rebel troops retake parts of Monrovia - August 10, 1990
Rebels free hostages in Monrovia - August 9, 1990
Starving looters face the executioner - August 8, 1990
Peacekeeping force to be sent to Liberia -
Doe’s offensive peters out - August 2, 1990
Doe forces recapture city centre - August 1, 1990
Liberian troops massacre 600 - July 31, 1990
Liberian rebel forces in power struggle -
Seafront mansion of Liberia’s president besieged - July 25, 1990
Rebels take Monrovia street by street - July 24, 1990
Bodyguards holding Doe virtual prisoner - July 23, 1990
Doe’s troops fight rebels on the streets of Monrovia - July 21, 1990
Guerrillas in Liberia claim battle victory - July 17, 1990
Liberian rebels ‘in armed split’ - July 16, 1990
City where no one sleeps at home - July 15, 1990
Liberian families split by front line - July 14, 1990
Liberian soldiers in tribal killing - July 11, 1990
Besieged Doe fails to win ceasefire as bloodshed and looting sweep Liberia - July 10, 1990
Liberian insurgents retreat after Doe announces ceasefire in civil war - July 9, 1990
Monrovia troops go on rampage - July 6, 1990
Doe refuses US offer of rescue - July 5, 1990
Doe ready to stand down as rebels close in - July 4, 1990
Monrovia cut off as rebels take suburbs - July 3, 1990
Liberian rebels tighten grip on cowering Monrovia - July 2, 1990
Taylor leads rebel army on the road to tribal revenge -
Two rival leaders say they have joint plan to end war in Liberia - July 1, 1990
Rebels five miles from Monrovia - June 30, 1990
Troops open fire as people in streets call for Doe to go - June 28, 1990