The Liberian civil war

Beginning on Christmas Eve 1989 with an apparently low-key incursion into the country’s northern forest, the Liberian civil war came to be characterised by a scale of brutality, trauma and desperation which served to strongly influence worldwide impressions of the wider African continent. A country which had barely figured as a political or military player, was suddenly the urgent worry of an entire region. Mark Huband’s comprehensive coverage of the early years of the war is unique. Driven by a determination not to let the war in Liberia fall off the global news agenda, his insights into the regional political implications, and accounts of the ground-level horrors experienced by ordinary Liberians as they lived in fear of death squads and faction leaders, are a lasting testimony to the value of frontline journalism.

Doe man claims Liberia presidency - January 21, 1991
Liberian rebels threaten united assault on peace troops - January 15, 1991
God’s warriors keeping up the fight in Liberia - January 10, 1991
City starves quietly – and prays for aid - January 2, 1991
Taylor is forced to sign ceasefire - November 29, 1990
Rebels complain - November 28, 1990
New leader arrives - November 23, 1990
Doe ‘lured to death by close colleagues’ - November 21, 1990
West African leaders to question Gadafy over Liberian civil war - November 14, 1990
Rebel splits threaten to engulf neighbours in Liberia’s war - November 13, 1990
West African summit aims to overcome splits and settle Liberian stalemate - October 20, 1990
Choir stalls and mangrove swamps yield up the slaughtered victims of Doe’s death squad - October 11, 1990
W Africa to double its forces in Liberia - October 10, 1990
Top Liberian General shuns demands for army surrender - October 9, 1990
Peace force ensures that food reaches Monrovia - October 6, 1990
Peace force attacks Taylor - October 3, 1990
Liberian rebels play the last hours of President Doe -
Monrovia peace force moves in - October 2, 1990
Violence ‘is only solution in Liberia’ - October 1, 1990
Liberia election plan may threaten truce - September 25, 1990
Rebel leader calls for a ceasefire in Liberia - September 22, 1990
Head of peace troops in Liberia ‘to be replaced’ - September 21, 1990
Envoy in Liberia - September 19, 1990
Taylor rejects latest moves to end Liberian civil war - September 17, 1990
Liberians ‘must destroy Taylor’ - September 15, 1990
Carnage in Monrovia as rebels turn on Doe’s tribe - September 14, 1990
Doe ‘about to surrender’ when he died - September 12, 1990
Liberian rebels put President Doe’s body on display - September 11, 1990
Doe ‘shot and captured’ by rebel forces - September 10, 1990
Nigeria boosts peace troops - September 1, 1990