Sub-Saharan Africa

Rarely has a continent seen a combination of such widespread anguish and determined hope as that experienced in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, once the superpower rivalry which had divided it since the 1960s was no more. Stagnant as it had been, under the weight of dictatorial power – whether allied to Moscow or Washington – the region emerged from the Cold War with the determination to see overnight change. In exceptional cases, this was partially achieved. In much of the continent, however, turmoil erupted. Mark Huband travelled ceaselessly, an observer and reporter whose accounts of emergent democracy and vibrant cultures are matched by his powerful coverage of the Liberian civil war, the Somali famine and the Rwandan genocide. Through his eyewitness reporting and careful analysis, he provided newspaper readers with unique insights into some of the most dramatic and devastating events the world has ever seen.

US official sees Mobutu staying as president - December 14, 1991
Anger erupts at funeral of murdered Burkina Faso leader - December 11, 1991
French refuse to send troops to aid reformist Togo government - December 7, 1991
Mutinous troops seize Togo PM - December 4, 1991
French may intervene in Togo crisis - November 30, 1991
Up to 50 killed as Togolese troops overthrow regime - November 29, 1991
Palace battle fails to unseat Togo PM -
Clashes in Togo as soldiers back banned party - November 28, 1991
Nigeria lifts ban on ex-politicians - November 20, 1991
EYEWITNESS: Myth and reality on the fastest riverboat in Zaire - November 4, 1991
Mobutu’s opponents call on army to revolt - November 2, 1991
Opposition sets up rival Zaire cabinet - November 1, 1991
Mobutu attacks West in attempt to retain power - October 30, 1991
Zaire opposition paper bombed - October 28, 1991
Foreigners flee collapsing Zaire - October 23, 1991
Angry miners talk again of secession - October 21, 1991
Mobutu allies keep key cabinet posts - October 15, 1991
Zairean troops open fire to disperse protestors - October 11, 1991
Zaire opposition build barricades as talks fail - October 10, 1991
Expatriates’ sun sinks with Zaire - October 8, 1991
Mobutu ready to dismiss PM in clash-over defence - October 7, 1991
Mobutu ‘is still hoping to work with new PM’ - October 4, 1991
Zairean opposition leader becomes PM - October 1, 1991
Mobutu appoints rival after riots - September 30, 1991
EC may act on Zaire food shortage - September 28, 1991
Tales of horror tumble the dictatorships - August 15, 1991
S African army trained Zaireans - August 8, 1991
Beleaguered priest fights Mobutu’s dictatorship and Church hierarchy - August 5, 1991
Delegates row suspends talks on multi-party system for Zaire - August 1, 1991
‘Sacred unions’ take on Mobutu - July 31, 1991