Sub-Saharan Africa

Rarely has a continent seen a combination of such widespread anguish and determined hope as that experienced in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, once the superpower rivalry which had divided it since the 1960s was no more. Stagnant as it had been, under the weight of dictatorial power – whether allied to Moscow or Washington – the region emerged from the Cold War with the determination to see overnight change. In exceptional cases, this was partially achieved. In much of the continent, however, turmoil erupted. Mark Huband travelled ceaselessly, an observer and reporter whose accounts of emergent democracy and vibrant cultures are matched by his powerful coverage of the Liberian civil war, the Somali famine and the Rwandan genocide. Through his eyewitness reporting and careful analysis, he provided newspaper readers with unique insights into some of the most dramatic and devastating events the world has ever seen.

Kenyan elections may reopen old tribal wounds - December 4, 1992
Pressure mounts on Cameroon after detainee tortured to death - November 26, 1992
UN approves force to impose arms ban on Liberian factions - November 21, 1992
Liberian truce collapses - November 12, 1992
African allies call for truce - November 9, 1992
Nigerian jets bomb rebels in Monrovia - November 7, 1992
Fearful Liberians mourn slain nuns - November 3, 1992
Liberian rebels fight peace force - November 2, 1992
Besieged leader of Cameroon opposition warns of civil war - October 30, 1992
UN chief under pressure to reappoint famine envoy -
Somali town waits to die as warlords feud - October 29, 1992
Rivals clash as Kenya approaches democracy - October 27, 1992
Nigerian jets bomb rebel advance on Monrovia - October 26, 1992
New outbreak of fighting hampers Somali aid effort - October 16, 1992
Opposition asks Cameroon Supreme Court to annul polls - October 15, 1992
Street battles mar Cameroon poll - October 12, 1992
Cameroon rejects election monitors - October 10, 1992
30,000 take refuge amid power struggle in Zaire - October 7, 1992
Challengers try to take away Mobutu’s purse - October 2, 1992
Islamists come to fore in Somalia - September 26, 1992
Only the fittest are fed as Somali relief flights deliver too little too late - September 18, 1992
Key Somali faction welcomes UN troops - September 15, 1992
UN troops move into Mogadishu - September 14, 1992
Italian firm denies Somali waste deal - September 11, 1992
Relief workers in Somalia reject more UN troops - September 10, 1992
UN troops will face Somali bandit threat to food aid - September 9, 1992
Somali town lies down to die as famine proves the great leveller - September 7, 1992
Outlaw country - September 5, 1992
Odinga winds full backing of party -
Mobutu promotes former ally in teeth of Zaire’s new PM - September 3, 1992