Sub-Saharan Africa

Rarely has a continent seen a combination of such widespread anguish and determined hope as that experienced in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, once the superpower rivalry which had divided it since the 1960s was no more. Stagnant as it had been, under the weight of dictatorial power – whether allied to Moscow or Washington – the region emerged from the Cold War with the determination to see overnight change. In exceptional cases, this was partially achieved. In much of the continent, however, turmoil erupted. Mark Huband travelled ceaselessly, an observer and reporter whose accounts of emergent democracy and vibrant cultures are matched by his powerful coverage of the Liberian civil war, the Somali famine and the Rwandan genocide. Through his eyewitness reporting and careful analysis, he provided newspaper readers with unique insights into some of the most dramatic and devastating events the world has ever seen.

Warlords consent to provisional council - March 29, 1993
Aid crisis as Moi scraps IMF plan - March 25, 1993
Kenyan banks ‘illegally funded by government’ - March 23, 1993
Cries of foul as defectors join Moi - March 16, 1993
Women wage war in Somali town split by terrorism - March 9, 1993
Warlords pledge Islamic law for Somali Muslims - March 4, 1993
US envoy admits failure to control Somali crime - March 3, 1993
Somalia aid staff fearful of US exit - March 2, 1993
Somali relief agencies denounce US - March 1, 1993
Troops raid Somali weapons bazaar - January 12, 1993
War Games - January 9, 1993
Kenyan opposition forms united front - January 5, 1993
Disarray over Kenyan polls - January 4, 1993
Kenya ballot rigging row risks turmoil - January 2, 1993
Opposition calls for re-run of Kenya poll - December 31, 1992
Kenyan inquiry on vote rigging - December 30, 1992
Violence in Kenya on eve of election - December 29, 1992
Defections bolster Moi’s poll chances - December 28, 1992
Somali mine kills US civilian - December 24, 1992
Kenya’s high court bars candidates -
Marines secure looters’ nest as base for aid - December 21, 1992
Looters lurk among starving as Marines move in - December 17, 1992
US-led convoy heads for stricken Somali town - December 16, 1992
Death rate doubles in Somali city frightened to plant for the future - December 14, 1992
Somali foes agree to truce - December 12, 1992
French kill two at Mogadishu checkpoint - December 11, 1992
Gunfire greets US Marines in Somalia - December 10, 1992
US officials to meet Somali warlords - December 8, 1992
France tries to ease Somali deadlock - December 7, 1992
Uneasy landfall for US Marines - December 5, 1992