Sub-Saharan Africa

Rarely has a continent seen a combination of such widespread anguish and determined hope as that experienced in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, once the superpower rivalry which had divided it since the 1960s was no more. Stagnant as it had been, under the weight of dictatorial power – whether allied to Moscow or Washington – the region emerged from the Cold War with the determination to see overnight change. In exceptional cases, this was partially achieved. In much of the continent, however, turmoil erupted. Mark Huband travelled ceaselessly, an observer and reporter whose accounts of emergent democracy and vibrant cultures are matched by his powerful coverage of the Liberian civil war, the Somali famine and the Rwandan genocide. Through his eyewitness reporting and careful analysis, he provided newspaper readers with unique insights into some of the most dramatic and devastating events the world has ever seen.

Evidence of Niger uranium trade ‘years before war’ - June 28, 2004
Liberia’s ousted regime ‘smuggled arms by air’ - June 3, 2004
Review: ‘The Zanzibar Chest: A Memoir of Love and War’ by Aidan Hartley - July 31, 2003
Report links al-Qaeda with diamond trade - April 17, 2003
Lessons from the streets of Mogadishu - April 3, 2003
Influence of Paris comes under serious scrutiny - February 20, 2003
Egypt turns its face to the south in an effort to exploit region’s growth potential - August 19, 1998
POLITICS OF THE NILE: Thicker than blood - May 12, 1998
Egypt a step nearer to taming the Nile - February 20, 1998
Nile states look to new division of waters - February 27, 1997
US officials meet Aideed allies - July 24, 1993
Infighting ‘hampers UN in Somalia’ - July 23, 1993
Aideed allies test UN plan for Somalia - July 22, 1993
UN concedes need to catch Aideed - July 21, 1993
Fugitive warlord mocks UN ‘success’ - June 19, 1993
UN hunts Somali warlord - June 18, 1993
Marchers died in battle between hidden gunmen and UN troops - June 17, 1993
Aideed’s enemies say attacks could give peace a second chance - June 16, 1993
UN troops kill protestors - June 14, 1993
UN prepares for attack on warlord - June 12, 1993
Refugees flee after Liberian massacre - June 8, 1993
West Africa peacemakers take offensive as impartiality remains in doubt - May 29, 1993
Doubts cloud UN rebuilding of Somalia - May 3, 1993
Death toll mounts in tribal wars - April 28, 1993
Penitence wins Kenya return of World Bank aid - April 22, 1993
Kenya devalues again to appease creditors - April 21, 1993
Kenyan bank closes amid IMF scrutiny - April 16, 1993
In Sudan, officials fear another Somalia - April 12, 1993
Dual power bid in Cameroon - April 7, 1993
Aid agencies pull out of southern Sudan after SPLA faction’s threat - April 1, 1993